CP3: The Camp Perry Experience

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The following story is an account of faith, dedication, perseverance, and indisputable HARD WORK. Once you begin the story, please read through to the end to see how The Garage Door Guy LLC is dedicated to providing the most elite and dedicated service to all of our clients; no matter how big or small the job, and regardless of the circumstances and barriers. 

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We received the call for a contract in Port Clinton, Ohio; Camp Perry Air National Guard Base was in need of restoration to a portion of their indoor shooting facility. The facility (200 doors total) needed a dedicated team to remove their existing lifeless doors and replace them with heavy-duty, top-of-the-line, commercial roll-up doors. The first phase of the project required a total of 24 doors (12 front and 12 back) with an expected completion time of 4-6 days over 2 trips. Little did we know the extent of the project we had committed ourselves to. 

Day 1. The doors were custom ordered, and delivered by a semi-truck on early Friday morning. Because of the snowy hill, the delivery crew was unable to haul the equipment into the facility, so we were left with the realization that each door (weighing nearly 450 lbs EACH)) was required to be hand-lifted into the facility (in random boxes and parts, unassembled). Great news for us! (sarcasm). But we were up for the challenge, we came prepared. Or so we thought. 

Communication with my work crew was constant. Well, by crew, I mean one other guy. It was simple. Pick him up from the Port Clinton airport, and by early afternoon, we can begin installation. I received a phone call that his flight had been delayed from morning, then to early afternoon, then to late afternoon. Not a good sign. But we could work with it. 

​My wife and son (who had travelled with me to prepare meals and run errands from the hotel) went to the airport in search for the missing piece to my work team. After 1 hour, he was not in sight. Another hour passes, and still no sight. "This can't be happening, he knows how important this job is." I can't help but think that I've been left to complete a 3-4 man job on my own. After 3 hours, it became evident that my partner would not show up. More great news. 

My Kerosene heater traveled on the 2.5 hour road trip with us, and upon arrival, decided she didn't want to start. Everything I attempted to give her life proved pointless, and a waste of time and energy. The great news just kept on coming! A  Snowy Hill. No Help. No Heat. And a helluva lot of snow. "What am I going to do?! 

The great news didn't stop here. As I began to unpack the first door for a trial run, something odd begin to unravel. . . the doors appeared to be . . . well  . . . larger than expected. "I know I custom ordered these doors the right size, I measured the opening countless times!" As I pulled out my measuring tape, I recall the feeling of losing my heartbeat when I realized that the particular type of door I had ordered automatically comes an ADDITIONAL 4 inches wider (2 inches on each side). Okay. A Snowy Hill. No Help. No Heat. And now, No Idea how I'm going to make this work. I called my wife. 

James' wife:

I'm sitting in the hotel room with our 3 year old, and my husband calls me Friday morning. He asks me to pick up his help from the local airport. And of course, that is what I'm here for. We load up, and make the trip to the airport, only to find that our 2nd team member is nowhere to be found. After an hour of waiting, I check with the airport employees, and they inform me that due to the snow storm, there are no other scheduled flights. I check the perimeter, and visit the nearby gas stations, and restaurant hoping that our help just needed to make a quick run. After nearly 3 hours, my son and I head back to the hotel. Alone. Making that phone call to my husband was difficult. I delayed it until I knew for certain that we were stood up. James had a tough enough day with the heater not working, and then having to haul the materials up the snowy hill without assistance. Now this additional great news. 

To make matters worse, my husband had called me a few hours before with the news that all 24 doors had arrived substantially larger than expected. In our 8 years of friendship and 4 years of marriage, I had never witnessed the sound of hopelessness from him. It was unusual. It was atypical; an unfamiliar voice on the other end of the phone. Drastic news require drastic measures. And one thing my Momma taught me in my 30 years was how to pray. On the phone, I remember our prayer. This prayer was so fervent. So heartfelt, so sincere. . . you see it's one thing to pray and then wait for God to give His answer. It's another thing to pray in faith, knowing that at some point, your request is guaranteed to be answered. So that is what we did. 


Heavenly Father, we come before You today, humbly, and not asking You to help us through this endeavor, but we give You thanks and praise IN ADVANCE for Your miraculous wonders. We praise You for giving this man the wisdom, knowledge, and perseverance to complete this job. No job is to big for You. You are all-knowing, and when we don't know which way to go, we look to You for guidance. Bless him Lord, and thank You again in advance for honoring our request. Amen. 


After our prayer, I had an overwhelming sense of peace and confidence. We had no choice but to make it happen with 24 custom doors. Re-selling them is not an option, and postponing this job is definitely out of question. Our business and reputation is on the line, and I refuse to let a few minor set-backs overtake us. Okay, okay, major setbacks. But not for God. I ended our conversation with "we don't have a choice. We are here now. Make it work. You will make it work because that is what you do, and don't call me back until you have the first door completely installed. Do it. Do it. This is what you do, and you're the best at it. Call me back." 


It's Valentines day weekend, and I realize that it won't be rosey and red and romantic like everyone else's. But that's what I signed up for, I just didn't expect it to go like this. I thought, "who can I call on Valentine's day weekend to watch our active 3 year old James Jr. and then, "who can I call to travel 2.5 hours North to Cleveland and help install 24 commercial garage doors for the entire weekend!" 

In comes my dedicated baby brother, whose commitment, willingness to help when needed, and dedication is so sincere, that my husband had already known to reach out to him. His response, "I already got the call from your husband, I'm on my way." Then my mother stepped in to watch my son. And then my sister stepped in to meet me halfway to take James Jr. to my mother. Within several hours, a 1 man crew turned into a 2 man/1 woman crew. A call to customer service assisted us in troubleshooting our Kerosene heater issues. Our prayers were being answered. One by one. 

Day 2. Fast forward to day 2. With Timothy on site and James Jr. with my mother in Columbus, we were working diligently to make up for nearly a day lost. Miraculously, by the end of Day 2, 10 doors had been successfully installed. It took several runs to re-fill kerosene and multiple visits to the local hardware store to accommodate for unforseen circumstances. But we were given the strength to make it work. And that's what we did. Then God started to show off. Mid-day, we heard a knock at the facility and it was one of the camp directors. He had voluntarily showed up with his Bobcat to transport the remaining materials up the hill and into the facility. Now this was the great news we were waiting to hear. No sarcasm. 

New Door Preparation IINew Door Preparation II Timothy Getting It in IITimothy Getting It in II


Day 3. I wake up and although my back is in excruciating pain, I can't let my wife and brother-in-law know this. I begin to do the calculation: there is a very high probability that this job will be done in 3 days within 1 trip. Our pace is great. Our work ethic is there, and we have all the tools we need to make it happen, all the tools we have to prove that The Garage Door Guy LLC is one of the most dedicated businesses in the State of Ohio. But I have to get Tim and Toi (my wife) to see this. In comes my motivational song. . . .  this will get them out the bed. 


"I know this guy is not serious, it's 7 am. He is playing Eminem's 'Till I Collapse'! I think he's trying to prove a point. I just need 10 more minutes." Fast forward 10 minutes, and as I attempt to sit up, I realize that I literally don't have any feeling in my feet or legs. Hauling all those old panels to the dump room took a complete toll on my body! Even the most extreme workouts didn't prepare me for this muscle soreness I was experiencing. But I can't let my husband and my brother know this. I'm in. I'm up!

Dump Room (Old Doors Taken Down)Dump Room (Old Doors Taken Down)


"What the *&#*$??"


​By the end of Day 3, we had transformed a run down range facility into a vibrant and new range, and it was almost unrecognizable, as you can see below:


Before Photo 1Before Photo 1


Completed (Cleaned)Completed (Cleaned)

Completed! (Pre-Cleaned)Completed! (Pre-Cleaned)

Before Single Door Installation (Outside View)

Before PhotoBefore Photo

After Door Installation (Outside Front View)

After Photo (Front)After Photo (Front)

Before Single Door Installation (Inside View)

Before Single DoorBefore Single Door

After Single Door Installation (Inside View)

Finished Product (With Cover)Finished Product (With Cover)

And the end result? A proud, capable, faithful Garage Door Guy who overcame all of the obstacles and completed his project in 3 days. Hence the name CP3. Camp Perry in 3 Days. 

A Proud Garage Door GuyA Proud Garage Door Guy




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